Assessment and Evaluation


Assessment and Evaluation unit of the Office of Medical Education (OME) department is responsible and 
is the direct custodian of all data related to course and faculty evaluations at PLFSOM. Evaluations 
completed by students on course, faculty, and peers are used for curricular review/improvement and 
faculty accountability. Evaluation ratings for faculty are used for performance reviews, promotion and 
tenure applications. Therefore, we ask students to please be thoughtful in providing honest, actionable, 
and meaningful feedback, which can help improve teaching and learning.

At all times, only aggregated reports from evaluations are shared with faculty and other stakeholders 
thereby protecting students’ confidentiality. Students are expected to complete all mandatory 
evaluations as per the school policy. Please refer to Course Evaluation Policy and Faculty and Resident 
Evaluation Policy. Evaluations are issued on the last day of exam week (usually Friday) and remain open 
for a week’s time.

Participation in evaluations is considered an indicator of both professional citizenship and general 
professionalism. All students are expected to participate in the evaluation system at PLFSOM. Students 
who do not complete mandatory evaluations in time receive a negative Professionalism Assessment. To 
remediate any unforeseen issues, please be proactive and contact the Office of Medical Education
during the period when evaluations are still active (i.e., before aggregated reports are created). In case 
a student is unable to access or complete evaluations while they are open or wishes to challenge a 
professionalism Assessment (event card), please reach out to the program coordinator (OME) so that we 
can reevaluate the situation.

For data requests related to evaluations please contact Dr. Priya Harindranathan, director of office of medical education at 915-215-4719 or
For all student concerns regarding evaluations, please contact, Edna Carbajal, Program Coordinator at 915-215-6163 or