Strategic Plan for TTUHSC El Paso

TTUHSC El Paso Mission Statement

The mission of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso is to improve the lives of people in our State and our community by focusing on the unique health care needs of socially and culturally diverse border populations through excellence in integrated education, research, and patient care.

TTUHSC El Paso Goals and Objectives

Objective 1.1  Enhance student recruitment and improve student success. 

Objective 1.2  Develop new degree programs that are responsive to the mission and market/health care needs.  

Objective 1.3  Promote student achievement through a commitment and dedication to continuous innovation in education and teaching. 

Objective 1.4  Prepare future health professionals for enhanced team-based care to improve health outcomes for individuals and the population of the Paso del Norte region.

Objective 1.5  Grow and improve graduate medical education (GME) as it pertains to the mission.

Objective 2.1  Expand access to clinical services.

Objective 2.2  Ensure clinical resources are available.

Objective 2.3  Standardize patient experience and ensure continuous quality improvement (CQI).

Objective 2.4  Develop signature services: identify areas unique to TTUHSC EP which we can become experts in or specialize

Objective 3.1  Grow and Enhance Research Programs

Objective 3.2  Build an Integrated Infrastructure for Research Development 

Objective 3.3  Enhance Scholarship for Non-Research Faculty

Objective 4.1  Increase access to care for vulnerable populations through student, faculty, and staff efforts.

Objective 4.2  Increase engagement with community.

Objective 4.3  Promote community health initiatives

Objective 4.4  Establish processes that improve recruitment, rewarding, and retention of community faculty

Objective 5.1  Promote TTUHSC EP and Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso (TTP EP) and cultivate new and existing donor opportunities.

Objective 5.2  Ensure informed financial decision making.

Objective 5.3  Ensure existing space is adequate to meet institutional growth needs.  

Objective 5.4  Ensure adequate technology and information security needs are in place to support the mission of the institution.

Objective 6.1  Promote a Values-Based Culture.

Objective 6.2  Recruit and retain a diverse body of talent to carry out our mission in alignment with our values

Objective 6.3  Promote a culture of wellness. 


2020-2025 TTUHSC El Paso Strategic Plan

2015-2020 TTUHSC El Paso Strategic Plan

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