TT HealthWatch

TT HealthWatch - Friday, July 23, 2021

This week's topics include COVID vaccine efficacy in a VA population, a new medicine to treat psychosis in those with dementia, opioid prescribing differences between Blacks and Whites, and medical debt.

0:41 COVID vaccine efficacy in a VA population
1:42 Overall 97% efficacy
2:43 Delta variant extremely transmissible
3:40 Medical debt in the U.S.
4:40 About 18% had medical debt
5:40 Social determinants of health
6:40 Need universal access to health care
7:02 New treatment for psychosis in dementia
8:02 Affects serotonin receptors
9:02 Alzheimer's medicines
9:55 Racial inequality in prescription opioids
11:00 Mean annual dose for Blacks 36% lower
12:37 End

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