TT HealthWatch

TT HealthWatch - Friday, April 16, 2021

This week's topics include cloth masks and exercise, psilocybin and depression, exercise and COVID-19 severity, and inflammatory diets.

0:49 Pause of J&J vaccine
1:12 Cloth face masks
2:12 Felt somewhat claustrophobic
3:01 Psilocybin in treating depression
4:03 Dosing psilocybin
5:01 Used to treat depression historically
6:01 Uncertainty regarding dose
6:35 Exercise and COVID-19
7:35 Direct correlation
8:35 Proxy for chronic disease?
9:15 Inflammation and diet
10:15 Associations with dietary patterns and microbial clusters
11:35 Red wine, coffee and tea helpful
12:58 End

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