TT HealthWatch

TT HealthWatch - Friday, August 7, 2020

This week's topics include risk of COVID infection for health care workers, reopening schools, reopening colleges, and transmission of COVID in a sleepaway camp.

0:44 Risk of Covid among healthcare workers
1:44 Three times more likely even with PPE
2:45 Use of an app
3:44 Adequate PPE protects
4:00 Two studies on reopening schools
5:01 Testing by nucleic acids or antibody
6:02 Contact tracing within 24 hours
6:23 Modeling study for college opening
7:26 Cost between $120-$1000 per student per semester
8:28 Slightly under $10 million
9:29 Israeli school had to close
10:00 Overnight camp transmission
11:00 As high as 56% in large cabins
12:37 End

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