TT HealthWatch

TT HealthWatch - Friday, May 26, 2023

This week's topics include utility of polygenic risk score and coronary calcium scans in predicting heart disease risk, PET scanning in assessing cognitive impairment, an intervention to promote goals of care discussions, and integrating data for colon cancer survival prediction.

0:40 Integrated atlas for colon cancer and survival
1:40 Specific immune responses
2:40 Data to integrate in clinical care
3:41 Goals of care discussions
4:41 Wide range of ethnicities included
5:42 Just clinician-facing not as effective
6:43 Figure out from the patient's standpoint
7:01 Coronary artery calcium and polygenic score
8:01 Traditional risk factors plus
9:01 Either lower or higher number
9:35 Clinical utility of PET scan in patients with cognitive symptoms
10:35 7.5% saw changes in diagnosis
12:02 End

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