Mission, Vision and Purpose

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The mission of TTUHSC El Paso’s interprofessional education (IPE) programming is to provide TTUHSC El Paso students with a robust IPE learning experience. In doing so, our graduates will be prepared for success in dynamic health care environments through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary for successful interprofessional teamwork.

The overarching vision of TTUHSC El Paso IPE programming is to establish an institutional culture committed to the values of IPE. These values promote safe, effective and compassionate patient-centered health care through teamwork, and include mutual understanding and respect, trust, integrity, high ethical standards and the deliberate consideration of the knowledge, skills and perspectives of all team members.

The purpose of TTUHSC El Paso IPE programming is to promote core competencies for collaborative practice to prepare all TTUHSC El Paso graduates to provide team-based care toward improved population health outcomes as leaders in dynamic health care environments.