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The TTUHSC El Paso Paul L. Foster School of Medicine is fully accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). Current accreditation status and additional information is available at LCME website, and the LCME can be contacted at the LCME contact info .

The accreditation process aims to foster institutional self-evaluation and improvement and to determine whether a medical education program meets LCME defined standards. In this process, the insights obtained from an internal review and evaluation are critical. Such a process convenes members of the student body, administration, faculty, trustees and other groups served by the institution to:

  • Gather and evaluate data about the institution and its educational offering
  • Find opportunities and challenges that should be addressed promptly
  • Establish guidance to ensure that institutional strengths are preserved and challenges are resolved with positive outcomes

Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (PLFSOM) is currently in the process of preparation for the next full survey visit scheduled to take place during the 2025-2026 academic year.

LCME Survey Prep Timeline

The LCME accreditation team hopes that you engage with this process as we travel the path to accreditation and ultimate enhancement of our medical education program.