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The House Staff Association (HSA) is an independent organization managed by TTUHSC El Paso residents and fellows.  It provides an open forum that allows residents and fellows to communicate and exchange information on their educational and work environment. It promotes the well-being, interests and education of the House Staff.

The association serves a bridge between residents and the GME office to voice concerns that cannot be resolved within the individual training program and also to provide feedback without fear of intimidation or retaliation and in a confidential manner. If any issue or concern arises, the HSA will meet to discuss the problem, work to find a solution, decide on a plan of action, and follow-up until the issue is resolved.

In addition to serving as HSA representatives, this association provides residents and fellows with non-clinical leadership opportunities by encouraging participation on several TTUHSC El Paso and hospital standing committees. Through these committees, the House Staff Association contributes to hospital/clinical health care and administrative policies, as well as ethical and educational standards. 


Through monthly meetings HSA strives to keep all residents and fellows informed about important issues that impact their professional lives as well as give them the space to voice their suggestions or concerns.  Residents and fellows are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings, held the second Wednesday of the month at noon in the GME conference room.


House Staff Officers


Rohan Desai M.D.

Vice President

Natalia Luna M.D.

Resident Liaison

Bhavi Trivedi, M.D.

Chief Wellness Officer

Brian Lee, D.O.

Spousal Support

Janice Rivera, M.D., and Enrique Martinelli, M.D.,

Communications Chair

Jessica Garcia-Chan, M.D.

Compliance Coordinator Officer

Angie Macias, M.D.

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