Strategic Plan

The Faculty Wellness Strategic Plan has established defined goals, objectives and strategies that are used to drive best practice interventions that target key factors that have a direct impact on improving faculty health and well-being. The focus is to apply best practice strategies that impact the work environment and lead toward cultural norm changes that support healthy lifestyle behaviors to promote a worklife balance. This integrated approach supports a population-based model targeting all faculty at TTUHSC El Paso using public health practices.

Strategic Plan PDF

Key Goal Areas:

Goal 1: To facilitate changes that optimize organizational culture that supports faculty wellness.

This goal targets improving the nutritional environment for healthy eating, providing physical activity initiatives, and to grow social engagement opportunities that supports a community at work.

Goal 2: To increase educational opportunities that promote faculty wellness and resiliency at TTUHSC El Paso.

This goal promotes resiliency for all Faculty at TTUHSC El Paso, by continuously expanding educational opportunities and supporting a Wellness Champion Network that allows for an exchange of ideas and problem solving for implementing strategies to address burnout.

Goal 3: To monitor wellness and promote early detection of burnout of the faculty at TTUHSC El Paso.

This goal supports adopting and applying screening and referral mechanisms for burnout as a tertiary intervention that aims to assist getting faculty the support they need to prevent adverse consequences associated with burnout.

The Faculty Wellness Program works toward collecting accurate data to produce baseline and trend data long term for shaping future program planning, and monitoring the health and well-being of faculty at TTUHSC El Paso.