What We Offer

Faculty Wellness Series

Invited speakers provide quarterly educational sessions focusing on health, wellness, resilience and mitigating burnout.

Wellness Champion Network

Cohorts of faculty members are equipped with a set of personal tools and resources during a series of networking meetings to:

  • Enhance them to optimize wellbeing in the workplace,
  • Incorporate wellness competencies into the institution's culture by championing a culture of wellness and resiliency, and
  • Serve as ambassadors for wellness programming with faculty peers.

Workplace Wellness Mini Course 

The Faculty Wellness Program has developed a 1.0 hour CME asynchronous “Workplace Wellness” mini course that provides educational videos and small quizzes on the fundamental framework and initiatives for workplace health promotion, and useful tips and resources for applying healthy lifestyle behaviors and stress management practices at work.    

Link to Course: https://ttuhscelpaso.instructure.com/courses/7210  

Worksite Health Promotion

The Faculty Wellness Program seeks to apply best practice interventions to target key factors that have a direct impact on improving faculty health and wellbeing.