Child Psychiatry Rotation Sites

Our fellows receive hands-on experience on different psychosomatic aspects of Psychiatry. The Consultation-Liaison team provides services to the El Paso Children’s Hospital and University Medical Center of El Paso. This rotation gives an oversight to our trainees so they can learn to manage psychiatric illness in the context of medical comorbidities.

We contract with YISD (Ysleta Independent School District) and provide servicesto students enrolled in the school district through a comprehensive care center clinic. The clinic is covered by child and adolescent fellows, and provide services for medication management, as well as appropriate referrals for further services, including, but not limited to counseling.

We provide services to IHS (Indian Health system) for native Americans who are associated with the Tigua tribe. Working with the tribe is a unique aspect of our program, as it provides a diverse training experience to our fellows. This rotation allows our trainees to learn the cultural aspect of Psychiatry. The department provides services to both adult and children/adolescents. The fellowship program covers the children and adolescent clinic, and fellows are supervised by child and adolescent attending faculty

We contract with EHN (Emergence Health Network) for providing services to patients through the firstepisode psychosis grant, called CSC (Coordinated Specialty Care). Patients are evaluated by experienced fellows under the guidance of our child and adolescent psychiatry faculty. This is a unique experience for our fellows, as they get more autonomy and work in a supervised environment to manage this distinctive patient population with a high burden of mental illness

We contract with JPD (Juvenile Probation Department) and provide services to detained juveniles in the county of El Paso. The rotation is unique and provides exposure to issueslike substance use, personality traits, and psychosocial challenges of treatment in the juvenile population who are involved in the legal system.

We contract with the Child Guidance Center and provide mental health services to the underserved population of Paseo Del Norte Region. Our fellows get exposure to Community Psychiatry by serving thisspecial population. All fellows get an opportunity to rotate through this unique rotation and are supervised by onsite boardcertified child and adolescent psychiatry faculty.