Resident Support Programs

Residents are asked to choose faculty advisors within the department of pediatrics. These advisors provide academic and personal support in the areas of training, career choices, research, and problem solving. The department also conducts monthly house staff meetings as well as yearly resident/faculty retreats. The purpose of these meetings and retreats is to gain input from residents and faculty on how to improve the program in the areas of policy, curriculum, and evaluation.

TTUHSC El Paso also has a House Staff Association to address issues, which affect residents in all departments. These include salaries, work facilities, national meetings, and group issues. An added benefit is the Resident Assistance Program (RAP) which helps residents with assistance to overcome challenges that may occur during residency training.


Events held for our residents include:

  • Welcome Party
  • Graduation Ceremony/Party
  • Cultural Day
  • Resident Night Out
  • Baseball Games
  • Bowling
  • Spring Into Wellness
  • Annual Retreat

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