Ward Rotation

Pediatrics is a primary care subspecialty of medicine, the main concern of which is the comprehensive and continuing care of children. The basis of pediatrics exists in an understanding of the growth and development of the human organism as it advances from birth to adulthood. Pediatrics is, therefore, not an organ-based specialty but one that evaluates the child as well as his relationship to both family and society.

During your two week rotation on wards, you will be introduced to inpatient pediatrics. During this clerkship you will become part of a health care team with a responsibility to care for and treat acutely and chronically ill children. In the process, you will learn about health maintenance in children and adolescents, the diagnosis and treatment of many pediatric disorders, and what it means to be a child advocate.

You will become part of a pediatric ward team which includes faculty, residents, nurses, social workers, respiratory therapists, and many others. You will also interact with the faculty from pediatric subspecialties, surgical services, and other consultants.

We expect you to be an active learner. Although the pediatric ward experience will expose you to some important aspects of pediatric care, we realize that it will not provide you with all you need to know about pediatrics. Thus you will need to read about your patients' conditions and relevant topics.

Other Information