Clinic Rotation

During your two-week clinic rotation, you will be introduced to various pediatric conditions. The majority of your time will be spent shadowing the senior resident. You will see a wide array of medical conditions. We expect you to be an active learner. Although the clinic experience will expose you to some important aspects of pediatric care, we realize that it will not provide you with all you need to know about pediatrics. Thus you will need to read about your patients' conditions and relevant topics.

On the first day of your rotation, please go to the Blue Pod and report to Dr. Singh for clinic orientation. You will then be assigned to a supervising faculty/senior resident team.

In general:

  • Keep a written patient log and update the online patient log by the end of the rotation.
  • Attend all lectures on Monday afternoons (TBA) and teaching resident sessions on Friday afternoons. (Pedi Library, AEC 246)
  • Attend morning report every Monday and Thursday at 8 a.m. (AEC 212)
  • Attend morning teaching sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 a.m. in the Green Pod conference room.
  • Attend small group discussions on Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. (AEC 212)
  • Take as active a role as possible. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Be involved, even with the clinic staff (i.e. vital signs, measurements, immunization, vision/hearing testing, etc.)

Due while on the rotation:

Our goals during this clerkship are to:

  • Acquaint students with the practice of pediatric medicine.
  • Encourage an understanding of how to evaluate illnesses in the pediatric age group.
  • Emphasize family dynamics as a major part of the teaching process.

Additional Information