Insight by Year

Welcome! Below is a snapshot of what every year looks like.


Year 1
- Internal Medicine (Pediatrics for Child Track)
-- 1 month wards
-- 1 month specialty clinic
-- 1 month specialty consults

- Neurology
-- 1 month inpatient neuro
-- 1 month outpatient neuro

- Inpatient Psychiatry
-- 5 months at El Paso Psychiatric Center
-- 1 month Psychiatry Emergency Services

El Paso Psychiatric Center (EPPC)
EPPC is a 72-bed state hospital that serves the El Paso Community. It has many unique aspects considering that it is the only state hospital in Texas that takes patients on a walk-in basis. In collaboration with the Emergence Health Network, it serves our uninsured population. Some of its perks as a rotation include:
- Exposure to forensic patients.
Exposure to legal system through our in-house mental health court and extensive practice in EDOs and CMEs.
- Exposure to severe mental illness that requires longer hospital stays.

Psychiatry Emergency Services
The admissions department of EPPC. Accepts walk-ins, patients brought in by CIT (crisis intervention team), and transfers from medical hospitals. It is its own department, where you will focus only on evaluating and possibly admitting acutely ill patients.

PGY-1 Video

El Paso Psychiatric center

El Paso Psychiatric center


Year 2

- Consult- Liaison/Emergency Psychiatry
-- 5 months at University Medical Center

- 3 months PES

- Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
-- 3 months in mix of TCHATT and CPAN clinics

- Sleep
-- 1 month of sleep medicine at the VA

University Medical Center (UMC)
UMC is El Paso County’s acute care teaching hospital and home to the region’s Level 1 trauma center. It serves not only West Texas and Southern New Mexico, but also patients from our sister city Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. Through the CL rotation, you will see patients in a variety of settings (ER, ICU, inpatient, trauma, surgery, ob/gyn) and with a wide variety of conditions and severities. You will also learn to collaborate with other specialties through consultations and throughout their rotation with us.


TCHATT is a program that delivers virtual services for children through public school. We provide services to the region of West Texas. CPAN is a program that provides consult service to primary care providers and pediatricians in West Texas.


PGY-2 Video


Year 3

This year is fully outpatient and includes different clinics that repeat every week. It includes:
- Adult Outpatient Clinic in Texas Tech
- Adolescent Clinic in Texas Tech
- Child Guidance Center
- Aliviane (substance abuse clinic)
- Neuropsychiatry clinic
- Mood clinic
- VA outpatient clinic
- EHN clinic
- Bienvivir (geriatric)
- Tigua (Native American Reservation)
- Ysleta (local school district)
- Psychotherapy Clinic
- Research Half-Day

PGY-3 Video

Child Guidance Center

Year 4

- Senior Rotation ( CL, EPPC inpatient)
- Elective (Sleep, psychotherapy, ECT, TMS, Neuropsychology)
- Continuity outpatient clinic
- Continuity psychotherapy clinic