Student Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) reserves the right, without notice in this or any other publication, to change, amend, add to, or otherwise alter any and all fees, dues, rates, or other charges set forth herein and subject to action by the Texas State Legislature, the Board of Regents of the Texas Tech University System, or other authority as the case may be.

TTUHSC El Paso reserves the right to deny credit for coursework completed in a semester or term and/or registration in a future semester or term for unpaid balances. This includes the release of official academic transcripts.

TTUHSC El Paso accepts no responsibility for bills or refund checks sent to incorrect addresses or difficulties caused by the postal or other delivery services.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that payment is in the possession of the Office of Student Business Services by the established due dates announced each semester.

Payment Information
State law requires TTUHSC El Paso to inform you of the portion of your tuition that is set aside to fund financial assistance programs for qualifying students. The amount is the line item that begins 'Designated Tuition SA'.