Medical Student Research

TTUHSC EP medical students are required to complete SARP projects as part of their degree program. We welcome as many students as we can take to complete projects with our department, bearing in mind that each PI can only mentor a total of 5 of these projects per class year (per SARP regulations).

Students are also encouraged to conduct research beyond the SARP requirements, not only to accentuate their medical education, but also to increase chances of matching into an orthopaedic residency (which are highly competitive). Our coordinator, PIs and residents work together to make projects very collaborative in nature to help train students, while still conducting top-of-the-line research.

We work hard to help provide opportunity and foster both understanding and passion for research with our students. While we understand that your specialty interests may change as you go through your medical education, we expect that if you join/start a project with our department, you are committing to seeing that project through to the best of your ability.

If you are interested in doing research with our department, please directly email the PI of interest. Indicate if you are seeking a SARP project mentor as well.