Resident Assistance Program (RAP)

24-Hour Available Resources

El Paso Psychiatric Center                University Medical Center

4615 Alameda Ave.                             4815 Alameda Ave.

El Paso, TX 79905                              El Paso, TX 79905

915-532-2202                                      915-544-1200


Crisis Line

Emergence Health Network



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  • Aliviane Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services: 915-779-3764
  • Sun West Behavioral Health Center: 915-544-3500
  • University Behavioral Health (UBH): 915-544-4000

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • The PLFSOM Department of Psychiatry offers the residency assistance program (RAP) to residents and fellows and their immediate family members living under the same household.
  • The program is intended to help with a wide variety of personal issues including relational, family, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems.
  • The RAP is focused on providing assistance to residents/fellows experiencing difficulties that are beyond their ability to manage. It allows them to seek assistance before the problem affects their educational or job performance.
  • The RAP does not include services for alcohol and drug abuse (please refer to Substance Abuse Services below).
  • Financial and legal issues are not included in this program.
  • The services are provided at the department of psychiatry located in the basement of the El Paso Psychiatric Center, 4615 Alameda Ave. El Paso, TX 79905.
  • To expedite entry to the center, the resident/fellow identification badge should be evident.
  • Participants may self-refer or program directors may refer.
  • By contacting the TTUHSC El Paso Department of Psychiatry, a patient services specialist at 915-215-5865, or the clinic supervisor at 915-215-5867 (M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
  • When a resident/fellow calls for an appointment, the request is given top priority.
  • All calls are strictly confidential.
  • Session duration is 60 minutes.
  • Five sessions are allotted for residents/fellows and immediate family member.
  • Scheduling is based on participant’s availability or acuity, and ranges in frequency depending on the case.
  • The participant will receive psychotherapy services provided by a licensed mental health clinician.
  • The participant is discharged after the 5th session.
  • If in the therapist’s professional opinion the participant requires further intervention, a list of community resources will be provided.
  • Should special clinical circumstances arise, and based on the provider’s discretion, an extension of services may be considered on an individual basis.
  • No information will be released to supervisors or program directors without the participant’s written authorization, and the information released will be limited.
  • The participant is referred to a physician on his/her insurance panel or to a physician in the TTUHSC El Paso Department of Psychiatry based on the participant’s preference.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to make the appointment for medication management.