Laboratory for Education in Molecular Medicine

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The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine in El Paso, Texas introduces a highly-integrated pre-clinical curriculum that provides students with a solid introduction to the scientific principles of medicine, medical skills, early clinical experiences, ethics and professionalism. To further enhance their undergraduate training, all students additionally complete a scholarly concentration requirement called the Scholarly Activity and Research Program (SARP). Students can choose a wide variety of topics for this faculty-mentored activity. To broaden on-campus opportunities for students in these areas, a research laboratory, called the Laboratory for Education in Molecular Medicine (LEMM), is fully dedicated for mentored SARP projects. This community laboratory is housed in the Department of Medical Education and represents a unique model for the establishment and development of viable research projects. ​

It is also utilized during the curriculum for live microbiology practices, where in the setting of clinical cases, students are able to perform specimen collection – such as throat swabs – and clinical microbiology tests the same way they are done in a clinical microbiology lab, improving their test interpretation and test-ordering skills.​

Hands-on workshops for medical students, residents, faculty, local university students, as well as high school and elementary students are also conducted in this space.

A message from the Director
Nathan Holland, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

I am pleased to welcome you to the Laboratory for Education in Molecular Medicine, at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso.

Our department is dedicated in promoting outstanding education as well as high-quality research to our students and community. Faculty with their primary appointments in our department utilize this facility to develop scholarly activities and research with students. ​

Our laboratory is well-supplied with excellent equipment, and our innovative and productive faculty have established outstanding lines of research. An emphasis on translational research fosters an incomparable experiential learning opportunity to produce the next generation of well-trained physicians and clinician scientists. Within this research environment, our department has been very successful in educating our medical students with a research background that make them highly competitive residency applicants. Because TTUHSC El Paso is close to other universities in El Paso and New Mexico, we also  offer the opportunity for research to volunteers from different colleges and universities located in the vicinity.​

Please browse our laboratory site to learn more about our activities and contact us if we can provide you any additional information. I hope that you will join and support us for what we believe is an exciting and rewarding educational adventure!