Library Purchase Suggestions

Purchase vs. Interlibrary Loan

The Library Purchase Suggestion form is to request the purchase of a physical item such as a book, or the purchase of an annual subscription to a journal or database for the TTUHSC El Paso collection. If you just need the temporary loan of a book or a single journal article not owned by TTUHSC El Paso, visit the Interlibrary Loan guide for more information. 


Requests for physical items, such as books, are evaluated weekly. Requests for online subscriptions, such as journals, databases, or eBooks, are evaluated annually for inclusion in the next fiscal year, which begins Sept. 1. Purchase suggestions do not guarantee the item will be selected. 


For books in print, factors considered include coverage of the requested title in databases and indexes, the title's specific application toward course work and teaching at TTUHSC El Paso, and the availability of funds required to purchase, support and sustain the requested title. For databases, journals and eBooks, factors for selection include the database's coverage of the journal literature, ease of use, and the availability of funds to purchase, support and sustain the requested database.