Medventure for Your Future

Medventure for Your Future, held annually in January at the TTUHSC El Paso campus, attracts over 850 middle school students and their parents from throughout the county. The full day of activities includes over 25 workshops and 15 exhibitors. The event exposes youth to a hands-on science environment, including presentations on research and possible careers in health care and other Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. Presentations have included such topics as army health careers, dentistry and the secrets of DNA. Students also tour the clinical simulation labs and experience hands-on procedures with high-tech manikins and virtual reality programs. The event has a real effect—over 95 percent of students who attend believe the conference increases their interest in a health or science career and in taking more STEM courses. Workshops and presentations are free to all students, but rely completely on outside sponsors and community volunteers.

Your contribution as a sponsor will be an investment in our future leaders who are often first-generation college students that have never been exposed to a college campus.