Research and Development

TECHS is unique from many clinical simulation centers in the U.S., as it has its own division of Research and Development in Clinical Simulation (RDCS). This division is supported by health care simulation technology specialists who help to achieve the mission of TECHS through innovation, expanding its leading role in the area of clinical simulation. The RDCS laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility where researchers evaluate and develop new teaching tools and clinical simulation equipment. These advances are made using innovations in electronics, programming, materials science and 3D printing to support educational processes.

The research program includes evaluation and assessment techniques to improve the design of teaching materials, equipment, and curriculum. TECHS seeks to develop better teaching and assessment tools, clinical simulation equipment, and to provide validation of implemented teaching methodologies. TECHS faculty and staff conduct simulation-related research studies and publish these findings through professional societies, websites and journals, and present this information at regional, national and international events.

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