Land Acknowledgement

Like our sister campus TTUHSC, the TTUHSC El Paso campus acknowledges that our university stands, like almost all property in the United States, on lands obtained, generally in unconscionable ways, from indigenous peoples. Land acknowledgements are one way we can recognize and pay homage to the indigenous communities. It is a way to provide awareness of indigenous presence and land rights. Some other ways of land acknowledgements may occur at the start of lectures, presentations, and ceremonies.

Below are the territory acknowledgements for our campus:

TTUHSC El Paso is on the land of the:

  • Ndé Kónitsąąíí Gokíyaa (Lipan Apache)
  • Chiricahua Apache
  • Tigua
  • Sumas
  • Mescalero Apache
  • Tampachoa (Mansos)

You can research any location and learn more at Take the time to challenge your thinking and engage in introspection about the bigger meaning. 

Territory acknowledgments are one small part of disrupting and dismantling colonial structures. We encourage you to also get in touch with local indigenous nations or organizations to build relationships and support their work.

Visit their websites to learn more and support: