Child and Adolescent Psychiatric (CAP) Fellowship

The CAP fellowship initiative has allowed HRIs to add fellowship capacity within their departments of psychiatry. Fellows who start their two-year child and adolescent psychiatry training program during this biennium will complete their training during the next biennium. In order to attract fellows and institutions to participate in the program, the funding for trainees must be secured through the completion of the training experience and cannot be dependent upon the funding of the consortium in the next legislative session. Doing otherwise would place the fellows' training experience in jeopardy, resulting in potential fellows not selecting Texas training positions and the institutions being prevented from establishing these fellowships.

Annual Cultural Competency Conference

Impact of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship in the El Paso Community

Fellows participate in evaluations and treatment of children and adolescents with their families at:

  1. Ysleta Independent School District: Comprehensive Care Center at Riverside High School.
  2. Ysleta del Sur Pueblo: Indian Reservation, outpatient clinic.
  3. Juvenile Justice Center: Probation Department.
  4. El Paso Child Guidance Center: outpatient clinic.
  5. Emergence Health network: First psychotic episode clinic.
  6. Child Psychiatry Access Network (CPAN): provides consultation services for primary care physicians.
  7. Texas Child Health Access through Telemedicine (TCHATT): offers consultation programs to the schools.

Fellows and Cecilia De Vargas, M.D., program director, participate in the Texas Child Trauma Network Research Study to identify children, adolescents and young adults with history of trauma. Spin off studies will result in improving services to this especially vulnerable population.