Temporary and Provisional Services

Temporary Accommodations

During enrollment, students may acquire a short-term disabling condition, often due to injury or surgery. This temporary disability is covered by the 2008 ADAAA which allows students to apply for and receive reasonable and appropriate temporary accommodations.

In order to receive temporary accommodations, please fill out the Temporary Accommodation Application and submit the appropriate documentation with an anticipated end date. (Refer to Documentation Requirements in the manual.)

After submitting the application and documentation, the student must set up an intake interview with the associate director of Academic Success and Accessibility, who will determine the appropriate accommodations.

Provisional Accommodations

At times, a situation may occur where a provisional accommodation is provided for a student. It is a conditional arrangement made on a case-by-case basis and is not an official approved accommodation.

This arrangement is not a substitute for a student with no documentation to get accommodations nor is it a replacement for a student whose documentation has been denied.

For Consideration of a Provisional Accommodation, the Following Must Occur:

  • Step 1: Documentation is provided, even if it may be insufficient information to meet TTUHSC El Paso guidelines, which presents a diagnosis and substantiates a need for accommodation. Documentation presented at least two weeks before an exam will be eligible for provisional accommodations.
  • Step 2: The DSS director is in the process of reviewing documentation to determine the provision of accommodation.
  • Step 3: Appropriate documentation is in the process of being obtained, including any upcoming evaluation appointment.