Participant Testimonials

Testimonials from Microsoft attendees

Thank you so much for offering these Pathways I truly appreciate given me the opportunity to take advantage of them. I really got so much out of the Customer Service Pathway it was so in depth and I loved it so much that I want to continue with even the Sales Representative after I am done with Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills.

— John Paul Gable, Teacher

I was intrigued by the duties of a project manager. I did not know there are many tools that facilitate the organization in Microsoft. I still have a long way to go but the course helped me raised my awareness of what project manager responsibilities encompass. When I started the pathway, I set aside a time in my schedule to dedicate to the task. Sometimes I deviated from my goal, but I tried to stay on track and adhere to my schedule.

— Dora E. Meraz MT (ASCP), MS Health Science Rotation Teacher Health Science Theory/ Community Health HOSA Advisor/Coach

I would like to thank Microsoft, UMC and Linkedin for giving me the opportunity to further my Customer Service Skills. I selected this pathway because Customer Service is something that I will use no matter which career I select. Thank you for giving back to the community through free training/certification. You have provided us with the opportunity to build on our present career and to discover other career opportunities as well. I am forever grateful.

— Carmen Rodriguez, Parent Engagement Liaison


Testimonials from Covid-19 education attendees

"In behalf of EPCC community, we thank you for providing the scientific evidence and sound advice for which our community had many questions."

— Rudy Hernandez (EPCC Professor and organizer of July 22 Health Fair)

"you and your team did a marvelous sharing this eve[ning]...please pass along my appreciation to all involved. Professional, informative, well-paced and fun! Great teamwork...thanks again."

— Dr. Peter Golding (Engineering Professor at UTEP)

"I didn't know what to expect and was totally impressed with all the information and structure of the presentations."

— Diane Ponce (Local attendee for UTEP STEM Focus group)

"Thank you very much for the Educational Health Fair. It was very informative and I can certainly use some of these topics/information in my anatomy and physiology classes"

— Pablo Mendoza (EPCC professor)

Testimonials from Microsoft/LinkedIn trainings

“Thank you for sharing this useful information. God bless all!”

“This was wonderful. So resourceful! I appreciate everyone’s efforts.”

To whom it may concern, This past year in 2020 we've had a tremendous year with the Coronavirus pandemic, that all of us were forced to stay at home. Most people were working from from home with their computers. But us elderly people, not knowing the new technology, were sitting at home not knowing what to do. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso came to our rescue, because it came at the right time to start teaching us the basic skills about a computer. I did not know how to turn on a computer. I've had a wonderful experience in learning the basic course skills and more advanced as well, like the components of the computers and understanding them.

I'm very grateful with Dr. Chacon and all the staff including Laura, Letty and all the staff for the help and support given to us. Especially for providing us with the laptop you guys provided us with and all the essentials that came with it. My thanks once more go out to TTUHSC El Paso, Dr. Chacon and all the staff with this wonderful program.

Considero que el curso estuvo muy claro y lo pude aprovechar muy bien, estuve muy contento con todas las atenciones, me gustaria aprender a manejar major la computadora gracias.

I would like to thanks TTUHSC El Paso, Dr. Chacon and all her staff, the course was very informative I feel like I can teach other people to use their computer on a scale of 1 to 10 it is definitely a 10 looking forward to other courses that maybe for coming again.

Dr. Chacon, I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the computer class at TTUHSC El Paso. Even though it’s only been two classes I’ve attend, I feel I will benefit from this course tremendously. I would very much like to see this course continue and add perhaps extend the hours and add more days. I’m interested in continuing to attend in the future. Thank you.

I enjoyed the course and felt like I learned a lot about computers, thanks to the program I would recommended it to my friends.


Testimonials from EPISD attendees

“GREAT presentations! Terrific job”

— Dr. Lange

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and help us better understand our situation. The presentation was very informative and helpful at easing a lot of my fears… Thank you again for a wonderful presentation and for all that you do for our community. You are our heroes!”

“Thank you all for taking time on your Saturdays for the community. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center always does a great job with offering resources for the community”

“Thank you doctors and soon to be doctors for all your information on COVID-19”

“Thank you all for a great presentation! It is obvious a lot of time and work went into these presentations”

“Much needed information for my entire family”

“I love all these presentations. Thank you all”

“Thanks so much to all of you for putting this together. You all did an AWESOME job! Very informative and easy to understand. It helped put my mind at ease. I will share this information with family, friends, and in my school community”

“Thank you for your time and dedication to help our community. I love the whole presentation and thank you for taking the tie to answer our questions”