Media Coverage for September 2020

Week of September 13 to September 19

Nutrition tips for keeping kids healthy as they learn from home

KVIA - Sept. 17, 2020

By now, many students have returned to either online or in-person instruction for the new school year. Starting new classes during the pandemic is no small feat. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso Physician Assistant Damaris Rosado said getting kids involved can help. "You can start teaching them about servings with all the different measuring cups. You can give them a task and say, cut the cheese into the little pieces," Rosado said. "When kids are more involved, they want to grab that thing that they made."

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Lo que los padres deben saber sobre la salud mental de los niños

Diario de El Paso - Sept. 14, 2020

A medida que las familias han estado lidiando con la pandemia de Covid-19, el aislamiento social de quedarse en casa también puede estar generando tensión en la salud mental de niños y adolescentes. La doctora Sarah Martin, jefa de la división de niños y adolescentes de Texas Tech Physicians, de El Paso, dijo que es demasiado pronto para saber si habrá impactos a largo plazo en la salud mental de la pandemia para los niños en diversas etapas de desarrollo.

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Previous Weeks in September

How you can fight the “quarantine 15” weight gain from the COVID-19 pandemic

El Paso Matters - Sept. 11, 2020

Melanie Longhurst, a psychologist with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso, said the stress people have been under since the global pandemic arrived is a key factor that may be contributing to weight gain. “We’re all experiencing different levels of stress, and just in general, I think the pandemic is causing stress,” Longhurst said. Longhurst said there are different reasons why stress can affect weight.

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El Paso's COVID-19 numbers are improving, but Labor Day poses infection spike risk

El Paso Times - September 4, 2020

El Paso's COVID-19 numbers are moving in the right direction: new cases are down, fewer patients are in the hospital and the positivity rate has fallen. City-county health authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza said he is "cautiously optimistic" about recent trends, particularly the declining positivity rate, an indicator of how quickly the coronavirus is spreading in the community.

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