Media Coverage for July 2020

Week of July 26 to July 31

‘It just feels like you’re not doing enough’: El Paso families struggle to balance work, helping kids with distance learning

KVIA - July 30, 2020

A local psychiatrist says there is no right answer when it comes to making it all work. Dr. Sarah Martin, the Child and Adolescent Division Chief of Psychiatry at Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso, said parents who also have full-time jobs outside the household will likely have to make choices. Some of those choices might involve cutting back on other commitments. Others, like deciding to use child care centers, could increase risk of exposure to the virus.

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Doctor describes the state of a COVID-19 patient's body while using ventilator

KFOX - July 28, 2020

At any of the hospitals in El Paso, ventilators are being used to help treat COVID-19 patients, but doctors pioneering the fight against pandemic said using a ventilator is the last resort in fighting the virus. “It’s a machine that will help you meet your breathing requirements,” the chief of infectious disease at Texas Tech’s Health Science Center in El Paso Armando Meza said. Ventilators are they’re literally a lifeline for those on the steepest climb to recovering from COVID-19.

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‘Mighty Mujer’ pushes on, despite pandemic

KVIA - July 26, 2020

TTUHSC El Paso Assistant Professor Competes in Mighty Mujer Virtual Race After Major Weight Loss. Lisa Ayoub-Rodriguez, M.D., a Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso assistant professor and Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso pediatric hospitalist at El Paso Children’s Hospital, has led a goal-oriented life.

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Previous Weeks in July

Series looking at key COVID research

ACC - July 23, 2020

Tune in now to hear from Dr. Debabrata Mukherjee during our Summer #COVID19 #ACCEd Series looking at key COVID research published over the last seven months. Join us now: American College of Cardiology

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TTUHSC El Paso President: Why You Should Wear a Mask

El Paso Inc. - July 20, 2020

Images of people wearing face masks are now commonplace – face coverings have become part of our daily routine and a symbol of how the COVID-19 pandemic has swiftly changed our lives since the first case was reported in El Paso in March. Our city is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases. In the past few weeks, El Paso’s cumulative cases have more than doubled, to more than 10,800. Last week, we hit a record-high of new cases reported in one day: 411. Texas has now seen more than 290,000 cases and, sadly, more than 3,500 fatalities. And though we’ve learned more about treating COVID-19 over the past few months, we’re left asking ourselves what we can do to make the situation better.

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Las 5 de “la sema”

Paso del Norte Mag - July 18, 2020

En este episdio de las 5 de “la sema” no podemos dejar el tema del COVID-19 que durante la semana dejo, desafortunamente, el mayor número de personas fallecidas por el virus en la región fronteriza.

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Entertaining kids during quarantine

KVIA - Facebook - July 17, 2020

Are your kids getting restless at home during quarantine? ABC-7 sat down with Dr. Sarah Martin, the Division Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, to find ways you can keep them entertained.

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RV sales are surging

KVIA - July 16, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has kept many families inside their homes for extended time for months. Now, as summer continues, many are aching to hit the road and get out of town.The only problem? COVID-19 cases continue to spread.

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Diabetes prevalent in the borderland

El Paso Inc. - July 13, 2020

Some 34.2 million people across the country are diabetic, while another 88 million as considered pre-diabetic – having higher than normal blood sugar levels but not enough to be considered diabetic – according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

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Telemedicine grows as patients avoid doctor offices

El Paso Inc. - July 13, 2020

While telemedicine is not a new technology, it was one that was not widely used or incorporated across the medical spectrum, until recently. But with the coronavirus, changes in medical protocols and a new age of social distancing, medical providers have a wide-reaching tool that can help patients keep in contact and keep up with their medical care. “We use telemedicine as a way to make ourselves available to patients and address health care needs that don’t stop because of COVID-19,” said Dr. Diego De La Mora, chief health informatics officer at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso.

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Las 5 de “la sema”

Paso del Norte Mag - July 10, 2020

En este episido de las 5 de "la sema" hablamos del tremendo aumento en los casos positivos al covid en la zona fronteriza y nos enfocaremos en los efectos que el confinamiento o la cuarentena tiene en la salud mental.

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Sim Programs at TTUHSC El Paso & UTEP’s Keck Center Develop 3D-Printed Ventilator for Only $1K.

Healthy Simulation - July 9, 2020

Dubbed the “Texas Breather”, SimGHOSTS Past President Dr. Scott Crawford and the medical simulation programs at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso and the W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation at The University of Texas at El Paso have created a 3D printable Ventilator which only costs $1,000! Currently under review  for emergency use authorization by the FDA for use in Texas, the innovative design shows the power of clinical simulation champions at work during COVID-19 to maximize outcomes with the limitations of what we have.

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The “Texas Breather”: TTUHSC El Paso and UTEP Develop a Low-Cost, 3D-Printed Ventilator for Hospitals.

Addictive Manufacturing - July 6, 2020

A collaboration between Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso and The University of Texas at El Paso could help solve the problem. Using 3D printing, the team of physicians and engineers have developed an innovative, low-cost ventilator for the health care sector.Scott Crawford, M.D., associate professor and director of TTUHSC El Paso’s Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation (TECHS), is helping lead the initiative to manufacture the shoebox-sized devices, dubbed the Texas Power Bag Breather, or Texas Breather.

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Despite ‘Closed’ Border, Americans Travel Freely To Mexico, Increasing Virus Dangers

Prensa - July 6, 2020

President Donald Trump takes credit for closing down the border, praising his own actions and claiming his wall is a success, stopping the coronavirus from spreading north. But only a few miles of all-new wall have been built. And orders to seal the border have huge gaps in them: While the border has been ‘closed’ for nearly four months to all but “essential” travel and trade, Americans continue to moving freely between the two nations, putting lives in danger.

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New method of testing for COVID-19

KDBC - July 5, 2020

New method of testing for COVID-19 is no longer taking samples from the nose, but instead using saliva. Dr. Armando Meza, chief of infectious diseases at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, said swabbing brings the virus to the test surface if it lives inside.

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Traveling this summer? Get safety tips from an infectious disease expert

KVIA - July 3, 2020

As summer continues, many may be eager to head out-of-town and take a vacation. A local infectious disease specialist with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso said it is important to be aware of the risks. "Every way of traveling has its own particular risks," Dr. Armando Meza said. "When you travel via airway, or any kind of system where other people are with you, the potential risk for exposure increases."

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El Paso attorney offers legal tips for workers concerned about safety in the workplace

KVIA - July 2, 2020

As business reopen throughout the Borderland and the country, the world looks more like it used to. There is some personal responsibility for safety too. "We know that a close space, especially when there is very little ventilation is a higher risk environment for people to become infected," said Dr. Armando Meza, an infectious disease specialist with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso.

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