Media Coverage for April 2020

When is it safe for a recovered coronavirus patient to leave isolation? El Paso infectious disease expert weighs in - April 29, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- As stores and restaurants across the state prepare for the first phases of reopening, many individuals are preparing to leave their homes and reenter the world. The situation becomes more complicated for those who have been infected with COVID-19.

So, when is it safe for someone sick to leave isolation? The answer depends on several factors.

If you are able to be tested again when your symptoms have subsided...

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TTUHSC El Paso Pediatrician offers advice on Caring for Children with Autism during COVID19 Pandemic

El Paso Herald-Post - April 28, 2020

With schools switching to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are struggling to coordinate their children’s schedules, assignments and online meetings.
The added stress can be even worse for parents caring for children with autism, who often experience extreme anxiety when their normal routines are disrupted.

Anacani Fonseca, M.D., a pediatrician with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso, has tips for parents...

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TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite - [Transcript] KVIA (ABC) - El Paso, TX ABC 7

TVEyes Broadcast Media Monitoring - April 27, 2020

The covid-19 pandemic has given nursing students real-world experience before they pick up their diploma. stephanie woods, dean at the gayle greve hunt school of nursing at the texas tech university health sciences center here in el paso, says nursing students are rising to the challenge. "they have never seen a time - nor have i in my career. where patients couldn't have visitors. and so the role the nurse the nursing student becomes even more important than it ever has been."...

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Help is out there for those in need of mental health support during COVID-19

El Paso Matters - April 27, 2020

It goes without saying that a global pandemic is anxiety-inducing. Around the world, people are trying to understand the changing realities of life under the veil of COVID-19. We’re commiserating about it with our friends, struggling to explain it to our children, and experiencing growing obstacles to a sense of security or even sanity. For those who already suffer from mental health issues, COVID-19 presents a host of new and acute stressors, and this is just as much the case in El Paso as it is internationally.

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El Pasoan claims malaria drug helped with virus, but doctors warn of possible deadly side effects - April 24, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- It's a pharmaceutical drug that's become a household name alongside Covid-19: Hydroxychloroquine.

"It's been around for along time," said Sarah Watkins, an emergency medicine physician for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso. She added, " it is FDA approved to treat malaria, arthritis, lupus and is safe and effective when it's used chronically as prescribed, but for Covid-19 the story is more complicated."...

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El Paso doctor weighs in on possible treatments for coronavirus - April 23, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- A National Institutes of Health panel has advised doctors against treating coronavirus patients with a drug combination the President has pushed as a "game changer" in the fight against COVID-19.

The panel, made up of experts from the federal government, universities and medical societies, warns of potential toxic side effects from the combination of hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic azithromycin. The group...

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Mayor Dee Margo launches Economic Task Force, releases names of participants

El Paso Herald-Post - April 22, 2020

On Wednesday, Mayor Dee Margo convened a task force to discuss rebuilding the El Paso economy.
Members of the task force include representatives from all sectors of the business community, including builders, contractors, Hotel/Motel Association, finance, insurance, Restaurant Association, manufacturing and healthcare.

“The health and safety of the community is my first priority, and must be taken into account when deciding how...

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El Paso infectious disease expert explains challenges facing border communities during coronavirus fight - April 21, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- Many in our region travel back and forth between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. Though traffic has slowed with the implementation of border restrictions, the communities remain interconnected.

As both fight the same fight against COVID-19, one local infectious disease expert warns of challenges in containing the virus on either side.

Dr. Armando Meza with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso said some of those who have...

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West Texas Poison Center reports uptick in calls about kids ingesting hand sanitizers - April 17, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- With schools out and families staying home, officials with the West Texas Poison Center report an uptick in calls about children getting their hands on cleaning supplies.

The poison center reports an increase in these calls of roughly 60-70%. Officials say many small children are attracted to the bright colors of some hand sanitizers, making them more likely to accidentally ingest them.

Signs of hand sanitizer...

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El Paso Physician, Toxicologist Shares Insight On COVID-19

NM State KRWG - April 16, 2020 

Dr. Sarah Watkins is an emergency room physician and toxicologist in El Paso. She also teaches emergency medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso. She shared her thoughts with Anthony Moreno on how medical professionals in the area are preparing for a possible surge of COVID-19 patients.

Emergency room physician and toxicologist Dr. Sarah Watkins recently spoke with KRWG News about how medical...

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Pandemic takes toll on those fighting substance abuse: Resources to help - April 15, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- Uncertainty and fear stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with the need to shelter-in-place, can take a toll on our community. Some may not be coping in the healthiest ways.

Sales of alcoholic beverages increased 55% in the week ending March 21 compared to the year before, according to findings from market research firm Nielsen.

Dr. Fabrizzio Delgado, a psychiatrist with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso...

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Foster School of Medicine Students contribute to COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund

El Paso Herald-Post - April 13, 2020

Being in the health care profession means caring about others. Students at the Foster School of Medicine aren’t waiting until they become doctors to put that caring into motion.

The student body of the medical school at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso is donating $1,268 to the University Medical Center Foundation of El Paso’s COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund.

The fund was created in partnership with the El Paso...

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How many ventilators does El Paso have? And is that enough?

El Paso Times - April 11, 2020

News of Italian and New York City hospitals running dangerously low on ventilators has raised concerns locally as to whether El Paso has a sufficient number to handle a rise in critically-ill COVID-19 patients who struggle to breathe on their own.

The city's major hospitals — University Medical Center of El Paso, Las Palmas and Del Sol Medical Centers, The Hospitals of Providence and El Paso Children's Hospital — declined to...

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Nursing in the Time of Pandemic

TechView - TTUHSC El Paso - April 9, 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak hits home, local nurses and nursing students enter uncharted territory

For the second time in less than a year, local nurses and nursing students have found themselves on the front lines of a critical moment in El Paso’s history.

On Aug. 3, 2019, many worked tirelessly following a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart. A few months after, a novel coronavirus began to sweep across the nation and slowly crept...

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It’s been 2 weeks since El Paso’s stay-at-home order took effect, but disease expert says impact unclear - April 8, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- It’s been 14 days since the 'Stay Home, Work Safe' order took effect in El Paso County. That time period is considered a key time frame, as the CDC believes it likely takes up to 14 days to show symptoms when an individual has been infected with Covid-19.

However, a local infectious disease expert believes it is still too soon to see if these measures have had an impact on slowing the spread. 

“It’s a mistake...

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Dealing With Stress During The COVID-19 Pandemic

NM State KRWG - April 7, 2020 

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased stress levels for many people.

Fred Martino talked with Doctor Melanie Longhurst, a psychologist with Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso.

Dr. Longhurst specializes in the intersection of mental health and health concerns, primary care mental health integration, wellness, and the influence of protective factors in stress and acculturation processes.

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Video+story: COVID-19 and Medication – What You Need to Know

El Paso Herald-Post - April 7, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak, questions have emerged about certain medications and whether or not they are safe to take in relation to the virus.

In a video addressed to the community, Sarah Watkins, D.O., assistant medical director of the West Texas Regional Poison Center at University Medical Center of El Paso, addresses these medications and their use in connection to COVID-19, as well as associated precautions.

Dr. Watkins is an...

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TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite - [Transcript] KVIA (ABC) - El Paso, TX ABC 7

TVEyes Broadcast Media Monitoring - April 7, 2020

Preventive measures to avoid covid-19, but what can you do when someone at home shows symptoms? what medications should you have ready? how do you protect yourself if you're taking care of someone with the virus? we're joined today by dr. armando meza, an infectious disease physician and expert with the texas tech physicians of el paso. thank you for joining us today, doctor. >> thank you. >> dr. meza, weun we know that many who...

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El Paso Physician Discusses COVID-19 And The Regional Picture

NM State KRWG - April 6, 2020 

Dr. Armando Meza, M.D. is an associate professor of medicine, associate dean for graduate medical education and chief of infectious diseases at the TTUHSC El Paso Paul L. Foster School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from Universidad de Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez and practiced for more than 20 years. He spoke with Fred Martino.

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Texas Tech psychiatrist warns of lasting emotional impact from coronavirus, offers tips to help - April 3, 2020

EL PASO, Texas -- Some medical professionals are warning of another possible impact of the coronavirus pandemic: the long-term psychological impact it could leave behind.

Psychiatrist Dr. Fabrizzio Delgado with Texas Tech University says many could experience trauma from the pandemic. Healthcare professionals on the front lines could be the most at risk.

"This is very similar to the soldiers in war," Dr. Delgado said. "They are...

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TTUHSC in El Paso nursing students help El Paso hospitals fight COVID-19 pandemic

KFOX14 - April 2, 2020 

Classes at dozens of universities across the country have been canceled in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But for a group of students at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, completing their classes and joining the workforce is at the top of their priority list.

Nursing students at TTUHSC would typically be preparing themselves for graduation at the end of the month. Their clinical rotations are...

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Ante aislamiento en El Paso ofrecen ayuda mental

Noticias Ya - April 2, 2020

(NOTICIAS YA).- La orden de “quédate en casa” emitida hace más de una semana se ha tornado abrumadora, tanto que hospitales como Texas Tech en El Paso han visto un aumento en el número de pacientes en el area de psiquiatria.

“Lo que vemos es que nuestros pacientes tienen mayor ansiedad relacionado a lo que está pasando, seguimos recibiendo pacientes en las clínicas y si hay un aumento en la cantidad de pacientes que vemos.”...

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TTUHSC El Paso offers tips for handling stress, anxiety and depression during COVID-19 Pandemic

El Paso Herald-Post - April 2, 2020

As day-to-day life during the COVID-19 pandemic can feel overwhelming and cause stress, fear, and anxiety in adults and children, Texas Tech Physicians of El Paso licensed professional counselors provide the following tips for helping to reduce stress during these uncertain times.

“Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations; how a person responds to the outbreak can depend on their background, their personality and...

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